Do You Need Pay For Results SEO Services?

There are so many SEO agencies right now due to the demand for SEO services. We all know the importance of Search Engine Optimization when it comes to building your brand online. It’s just something that a company can’t live without when it comes to online marketing.

There is an SEO service that agencies are offering wherein they do website marketing, then you pay after you get results. Not a bad idea when you think about it, in theory, this appears like a good deal.

It is not surprising if many companies go for this type of service. You only pay an SEO agency when your website is optimized and gets a high ranking in search engines. Seems like you have nothing to lose with this type of agreement. We take a look at why you may not need to hire an SEO agency that offers website marketing pay after results.

Pay for Performance SEO agencies use web traffic as one of their measures of a successful campaign for your company. The problem with this metric is that numbers can easily be faked and manipulated. There are a lot of ways to increase traffic that may get results when it comes to the numbers, but the real target is the conversion of these into sales. There are so many websites that have a lot of traffic but don’t get the results that they expect. The focus is to get the numbers up fast in order to get paid. This is the reason why you may pay for the numbers that these companies may generate for you, but low-quality traffic will not have an impact on your business growth.

Building your brand takes time and there is no quick fix. Coming up with high-quality content and link building are better strategies that you can use in driving the right traffic with high conversion rates to your website.

Another metric used is website ranking. Again, just like web traffic, there are ways to increase ranking that may not get the expected results for the clients. Getting a high ranking is also one of the easiest to manipulate.

Coding professionals suggest long tail keywords are used that are easy to rank because there is less competition. The problem is these are low-quality keywords that may have little relevance to your business that no value is provided for business growth. Poor keyword research is a common practice, the results may look good on paper, but in reality, this is all trash. Tactics that are used are for attaining quick SEO rankings that sacrifice the quality of research and relevance to the business.

Pay for performance SEO agencies focus on the short term because they need to get paid quickly or else their company goes down. Most of the time black hat tactics are used in order to get the results that have been promised. There is no such thing as an overnight success with SEO. It takes time, commitment and money to run a great SEO campaign that gets results. There are also no guarantees when it comes to SEO, agencies can only make recommendations and hope for the best results.

These companies also use a pricing scheme that can confuse clients and make them pay for more than what the service is worth. It is also suspicious that most of these companies will also not divulge their supposed trade secrets that guarantee results. This is expected because their tricks and shortcuts will be discovered. Google penalizes sites who use unethical ways to rank so it’s better to know how your agency does their SEO.

Good SEO campaigns involve time, money and effort. It is something that a business can’t scrimp on when it comes to the budget. There are also no shortcuts and quick fixes. Companies end up paying more for the mess created by a wrong campaign. You need to think twice before getting the services of a pay for performance SEO agency.

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